6 Secret House Cleaning Tips from the Pros Part 2 of 2


4.) Remove smells from the disposal. Drop a few lemon or orange peels down the drain, run the disposal for fifteen seconds with the water running at about half pressure. Then add some ice cubes to the disposal and turn it on again for a few seconds. Next, fill your sink up about half way, then pull the drain plug to flush out the disposal. Ta-da! No more stinky disposal.   



5.) Streak-proof windows. If you have small windows, wipe them with newspaper instead paper towels for a streak free shine. For larger windows, it is best to use a squeegee. It helps to cut down on time and reach the hard to get edges.



6.) Vacuum in half the time. Find the most centralized outlet in your house. This saves time because you aren’t unplugging and re-plugging the vacuum in all the time. Use an extension cord if the vacuum has a short cord. 

6 Secret House Cleaning Tips from the Pros Part 1 of 2

Cleaning your house seems to take forever. Here are a few tips from the pros to cut down your cleaning time.

putty knife.jpg

1.) Finally remove that soap scum.          A plastic putty knife is your new best friend. Scrape off the soap scum with the plastic putty knife. Using a plastic putty knife takes about half the time as trying to scrub off the soap scum with a sponge.




2.) Quickly dust. Use a feather duster to quickly dust a room before company shows up. Feather dusters are a quick and efficient way to get light dust off of everyday surfaces.  





3.) Get shiny stainless steel. Stainless steel is beautiful but it shows every fingerprint and smudge. A great way to clean and maintain your stainless steel appliances is by wiping them down with mineral oil. Mineral oil repels water and helps prevent sticky materials from attaching to the surface. 

Christmas Preparation

Christmas is meant for celebrating and being together with friends and family. A tip to making the most out of your holiday is to make sure you’ve dusted your indoor Christmas decorations. They are boxed up and put away for a whole year before you get them out again. This allows for lots of dirt and germs to build up. Have a wonderful Holiday!


Winter Preparation

The winter season is when the spread of many illnesses happen very quickly. That being said, it is important to make sure your home is kept clean and managed well during the winter to prevent and lessen the chance of coming down with a sickness. At Pro Cleaning, we will make sure that your house is cleaned top to bottom and give our 100% in helping your house as healthy as it can be so you can stay happy and healthy!

4 Tips to Keeping Your House Clean During the Holidays


The holidays are a crazy time for everyone. Keeping up with your cleaning schedule is almost impossible. Here are 4 tips to keep your house clean this holiday season.

Vacuum under the tree. Vacuum under and around your Christmas tree to keep the pine needles under control. This will help keep them from ending up all over the house.

Clean the kitchen after baking. Make sure the dishwasher is unloaded before the baking frenzy begins. This way, dishes can be added as they become dirty and there is one less thing to clean up as the cookies are cooling.  

Keep up with the contents in your refrigerator. Clean out your refrigerator before holiday food prepping begins. This way, your fridge will have room for all the delicious holiday leftovers.

Put things away as you use them. Clutter makes a house look dirty, even when it’s not. Too many decorations can cause a home to look clutter and unorganized. Always put things away if you are done using them. It makes for less work later on.

Fall Cleaning Checklist


Winter’s not far away. Get the deep cleaning done early while the weather is still warm and you’ll enjoy the holidays in a clean and tidy home. Here are a few thing to check off your list:  

  • Focus on public rooms: living room, family room, entryway, guest bath.
  • Vacuum upholstered furniture.
  • Vacuum underneath and behind furniture.
  • Wash interior windows.
  • Schedule professional carpet cleaning! Warm afternoons speed up carpet drying.
  • Pull refrigerator away from the wall, and vacuum the condenser coils.