4 Tips to Keeping Your House Clean During the Holidays


The holidays are a crazy time for everyone. Keeping up with your cleaning schedule is almost impossible. Here are 4 tips to keep your house clean this holiday season.

Vacuum under the tree. Vacuum under and around your Christmas tree to keep the pine needles under control. This will help keep them from ending up all over the house.

Clean the kitchen after baking. Make sure the dishwasher is unloaded before the baking frenzy begins. This way, dishes can be added as they become dirty and there is one less thing to clean up as the cookies are cooling.  

Keep up with the contents in your refrigerator. Clean out your refrigerator before holiday food prepping begins. This way, your fridge will have room for all the delicious holiday leftovers.

Put things away as you use them. Clutter makes a house look dirty, even when it’s not. Too many decorations can cause a home to look clutter and unorganized. Always put things away if you are done using them. It makes for less work later on.