6 Secret House Cleaning Tips from the Pros Part 1 of 2

Cleaning your house seems to take forever. Here are a few tips from the pros to cut down your cleaning time.

putty knife.jpg

1.) Finally remove that soap scum.          A plastic putty knife is your new best friend. Scrape off the soap scum with the plastic putty knife. Using a plastic putty knife takes about half the time as trying to scrub off the soap scum with a sponge.




2.) Quickly dust. Use a feather duster to quickly dust a room before company shows up. Feather dusters are a quick and efficient way to get light dust off of everyday surfaces.  





3.) Get shiny stainless steel. Stainless steel is beautiful but it shows every fingerprint and smudge. A great way to clean and maintain your stainless steel appliances is by wiping them down with mineral oil. Mineral oil repels water and helps prevent sticky materials from attaching to the surface.