6 Secret House Cleaning Tips from the Pros Part 2 of 2


4.) Remove smells from the disposal. Drop a few lemon or orange peels down the drain, run the disposal for fifteen seconds with the water running at about half pressure. Then add some ice cubes to the disposal and turn it on again for a few seconds. Next, fill your sink up about half way, then pull the drain plug to flush out the disposal. Ta-da! No more stinky disposal.   



5.) Streak-proof windows. If you have small windows, wipe them with newspaper instead paper towels for a streak free shine. For larger windows, it is best to use a squeegee. It helps to cut down on time and reach the hard to get edges.



6.) Vacuum in half the time. Find the most centralized outlet in your house. This saves time because you aren’t unplugging and re-plugging the vacuum in all the time. Use an extension cord if the vacuum has a short cord.