The Importance Of Floor Care

The cleanliness of your floors directly reflect you and your business or home. Your floor is walked on everyday, tracking in dirt and debris from outside. Overtime, all of that debris in the carpet builds up allowing germs to build and cause sickness. Pro Cleaning offers an exceptional carpet and floor cleaning services that will revive your investment and help in making your environment a better, happier place! Contact us today.

12 Things About Cleaning Solutions You Didn’t Know Part 2 of 2


7. Brillo pads. Use a brillo pad to clean off soap scum and water spots from shower doors. The brillo pads won’t scratch the glass and can also be used to scrub the bathtub as well. Another tip to help keep water spots off the shower door is to squeegee the glass shower doors after you get out of the shower.



8. Ceiling fan. We never think to clean from top to bottom in a room. Not doing so can result in cleaning surfaces more than once. Clean the ceiling fan blades first, move to the tops of furniture and work downwards from there. Any dust that gets swept onto the floor then gets swept up and the room is the cleanest it’s ever been.


9. The dreaded toilet brush. No one enjoys cleaning the toilet but it has to be done. The toilet brush has the worst job and is the grossest part about scrubbing the toilet. After scrubbing with the brush it normally gets put back into its holder, wet and nasty. Next time it’s time to scrub the toilet, close the lid on top of the toilet brush handle and let it drip dry in the toilet.


10. Large Zip top bag. There always seems to be something that smells that can’t go in the washer. Grab a large zip top bag, place whatever the object is in the bag and put in the freezer overnight. The cold air in the freezer kills the smelly bacteria, eliminating the smell.

Magic Eraser.jpg




11. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Coffee stains just about everything it touches. Even the mugs used to drink it. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to wipe away the coffee stains inside of your mugs. The magic eraser is made of melamine foam and it is a gentle abrasive to scrub away stains.

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12. Pumice Stone. Use a wet pumice stone to remove toilet rings and other stains. Make sure the stone is wet, a dry stone will scratch the surfaced that you’re cleaning. Throw in a cup of baking soda into the toilet bowl first to get a deeper clean.

12 Things About Cleaning Solutions You Didn’t Know Part 1 of 2


1. Bring out the Olive Oil. Finger prints on stainless steel appliances drive a lot of people insane. Finger prints love to hang on tight even after being cleaned off. Use a drop of olive oil or even baby oil on a paper towel to shine stainless steel. This helps to get rid of finger prints and keeps the surface cleaner longer. Go with the grain on the stainless steel, buff in the oil and ta-da!


2. Chalk it up! Grab the old school white chalk and keep it in your laundry room. Rub chalk into greasy stains and wash like normal. The stains should come out. If you’re in a pinch and don’t have chalk on hand grab the cornstarch instead, sprinkle over the stain, let sit or 10 minutes to soak up the stain and then wash like normal.


3. Pull Don’t Push. Pulling a vacuum backwards is what actually removes the dirt from the carpet. Pushing the vacuum actually gets it in position to remove the dirt. Vacuuming hard surfaces blows around the dirt instead of sucking it into the vacuum. Use the wand attachment to suck up any furballs that are floating around.

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4. Steam clean. Floor cleaners can leave behind a residue that soil and dirt stick to, which can make the floor sticky and dull. Steam cleaners use hot water vapors to remove soil and dirt without any residue. Steam cleaners also come with a removable microfiber pad that can be detached and washed, reducing waste.




5. Cornstarch has more uses than just cooking. It is not easy to get that streak free shine on windows. Window cleaning products leave behind a streaky residue, making windows looks dirty even after being cleaned. Mix together 1 teaspoon of cornstarch, 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 cup of water together to wash your windows. The cornstarch is a very fine abrasive that works away the dirt and residue on your windows.



6. White Vinegar. Water spots and mineral deposits are unavoidable on the kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures. Dunk a paper towel of microfiber towel in white vinegar and lay over the deposits. Leave it sit for 10 to fifteen minutes and wipe off. This leaves your faucets and fixtures shiny and spot free.

Why Dusting Your Home And Office Is ESSENTIAL

Regular dusting of your home and office is incredibly important to the overall health and well-being of your family and the employees in your office. Dust may contain toxic chemicals which you breathe in and allow to get into your skin, regularly. Dusting can lead to many allergies such as; asthma, itchy eyes, coughing and runny noses aside, etc. Make dusting one of your new top priorities!